Nov 24, 2007

Who Would've Thunk?

Gino fetches! Having been with us for almost seven months,
Gino showed me today that he likes to fetch.

The things I learn about this black pug!
Mind boggling!

"I'm so excited to finally share my secret with you!"

"Don't let my smooshed face fool you!
I pack some serious jaw power!
See! I broked the toy with my mad jaw power!"

I'm telling ya, he fetches!

Seriously folks, I haven't been this excited since
Starbucks brought back the Egg Nog Latte!

And it so doesn't help that he happens to look
absolutely fracking adorable while fetching!


  1. Awwww....go Gino! My mom would be excited if I fetched for her, too. BUT, I only do it for my Uncle Ryan.

  2. I feel bad...You didn't know that he fetched? I used to have to hold Jager by the collar to give him a running start! LOL! But he had a hard time fitting the tennis ball in his mouth, so the cloth frisbee is perfect for him!!!

  3. Woo hoo! Now you can start him on the Frisbee so he and Parker can do Disc Dog together. A Frisbee Pug!


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