Nov 24, 2007

The Mafia Receives Mail!

"It's OK!" Bruno tells the Fun Police.
"I don't think it's a bomb. It's the the felt Vinds was nice enough to send to Ma!"


"I better dine al fresco!"

"All mine! The box is ALL MINE!!"

"Have you lost your effing mind?!" shouts Gino.
"Who the hell eats carboard?"

"I'll start on this corner..."

"Screw it! I'm going full force into it!"

"No cookies in here, right?"

"I love it! Thank you Vinds!"

"Vinds, you send the best boxes EVER! Thank you!"

Thanks for the felt Vinds!

made sure that Bruno didn't harm it while "helping" me open the package.

The Mafia are sending Romeo and Rocky payment!

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