Nov 24, 2007

Bruno's Brain

Last week, I did it.

I lugged that huge 40 gallon fish tank
from the garage back into the family room.

After much sweat and almost losing a toe (PSA: It's not a good idea to wear flip flops when moving large pieces of furniture and acrylic fish tanks!), the big beast is now cycling.

In a few weeks we can finally add aquatic life.

And those of you who know Bruno in real life
know that anything new REALLY freaks him out.

So you can only imagine how well this went with him...

"Care to explain what this is?
And why did you have to put it next to my bed?"

All in all, Big Man did better than I thought he would!
A few "Touch" commands and some pieces of cheese later, he was
OK with the aquarium.

"Alright well, it's not completely freaking me out,
so I guess it can stay."

I asked around as to what kind of fish Ryan and I
should put in the aquarium this time around.

When we lived in the apartment, we had saltwater fish.

While marine fish were really beautiful,
they weren't exactly nice to our wallet

and it took a lot of maintenance.

Tiffany pointed out to me why the solution wasn't as obvious to me as it is to Bruno...

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  1. The tank looks great! Can't wait to see the fish you add in. I wonder if it's the noise the water makes when going through the filter that weirds him out?? ha!! Love the look Bruno gave the tank..


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