Oct 15, 2009

Taking The Blame

Get your curly-tailed ass
over here, now!" demands Carmela.

"Huh? Whatcha want?" asks Vinnie.
"Look deep into my eyes..." instructs Carmela.

"Ow! What are you doing?!
My brain hurts!
mumbles Vinnie.

"Good! Now, listen to me!
When Ma comes into the kitchen,
you're going to tell her that it was YOU who
ate holes in her underwear.
Got that?
It was YOU."

"Shoot! Here she comes!
I better unhypnotize you quickly!
Abracadraba, Shama-lama-ding-dong, Shazzam!!"

"Now go!"

"Oh, hi!
Um, I was supposed to tell you something.
Dang it, what was it?
Oh yeah, um, I totally, like, baked your underwear.
Yeah, it was me that baked your underwear."


  1. Oh to be the only girl in a house of boys!!

  2. Note to self (from Carmela) - Next time try Gino!

  3. Next time try Bruno!!! He's more likely to get the story straight than Vinnie or Gino. If it doesn't involve food, we pugs are not real quick on the uptake =)

    Better luck next time Carmela!!!


  4. Awww, for some reason, the meaner Carmela is, the more i like her!

  5. Carmela, please don't look into my eyes.


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