Oct 22, 2009

It Only Took A Year

While at the river with The Mafiosos recently, I started to wonder why Carmela never explores the water. She doesn't display the slightest interest in approaching it and generally avoids it like the plague. I was just about to decide that she'd probably never go in for a dip, when in she went to the water. I swear, she did it just to mess with me.

"Oh, I totally do this all the time.
You just never pay attention," says Carmela.

"What the hell?" ask Vinnie and Gino.
"You can swim?!"

"Duh! It's only like my second
favorite hobby," replies Carmela.

Alrighty then. It would appear that we now have a Chihuahua that enjoys swimming. Next up, she'll impress me with her karate skills or something.

Someone please tell that giant meathead
to stop making tsunamis!!" screams Carmela.


  1. oh your Carmela is sooo adorable....do check out her double swimming here too


    we could be twins bol.....

  2. It's not that Carmela didn't like the water. She just prefers a calm, Brunoless body of water! =)


  3. Im really starting to love Carmela!! She has so much personality :) And the pugs look so cute in the water too!

  4. she is hot sport girl.
    Love you Carmela.

  5. "Everyone head for higher ground, Bruno's in the water!"

  6. Tsunamis? ROFLOL!!! thats great!


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