Jul 23, 2009

And Off We Go!

It's been a while since The Mafiosos went hiking, so we decided to take a trip to a new hiking location.

Vinnie more than agreed it was time for a hike.

"LET'S GO!!"

"Come on, Ma!
Stop taking pictures and start hiking!!"

"Come on, Carmela.
Wish with me that Ma will put down
her camera and start this hike!"

"Woo hoo!
It worked!"

All started off well. We hiked a new trail called Gerle Loop Trail. We took plenty of pit stops since the weather was rather warm. Since it had been a while since The Mafiosos stretched their legs, they had plenty of silliness in them.

"Ma! Look!

Oh shit!"

Very graceful, Bruno. Very graceful indeed. I'll just add that the many reasons why you're special.

After the silliness got out, it was time for the obligatory group pictures. Except I couldn't get anyone to look in my direction. And Carmela was too busy giving the death stare to some creature she kept hearing in the brush.

But, if I'm patient enough, I finally get the shot I want. With Carmela smiling even! I just have to wait until the very end when everyone is too dead tired to fight me.

Do I know my crew or do I know my crew? :-D


  1. Cute group shot! I just love Bruno!!

  2. susan/cookiemonsterJuly 23, 2009 at 10:03 AM

    bruno is a special man:) was he trying to eat the tree?

  3. But the real question is.... were there any caca sightings?

  4. Yikes! I'm surprised Carmela's stare didn't ignite a brush fire!


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