Sep 12, 2007

The Fun Police Does Not Exclude Family!

The Mafiosos decided to call up their cousin, Bison the Rhodesian Ridgeback, and see if all was well. Little did Bison know that the Fun Police doesn't bend the rules for family!

Right away, the pugs checked the area for any hazards.
"Gino, you check that area & I'll check over here," commanded Fun Police Vinnie.

"Alright, the area is clear. But remember, you are not to have any fun!" warns Gino.

Bruno tries to give Bison some advice.
"Don't listen to the stupid Pugs," Bruno said. "They think they can tell us what to do! Ignore them!"

But deciding to not listen to the Fun Police is not a very wise choice!
They are alert to everything!

"Gino! I see Bison is having fun! Put a stop to it! NOW!" exclaims Vinnie.

"I'm on it!" assures Gino.

"Excuse me! I'm going to have to ask you to stop having fun!" warns Gino.

Uh oh...I think Bison might be heeding Bruno's advice!
"Hey! Don't make me give you a ticket!" yells Gino.

Alert! Alert! Ridgeback on the loose!
"He's making a run for it! Vinnie, I need back up!" exclaims Gino.

"Vinnie! BACK UP! He's getting away!!" Gino frantically yells.

Sensing the urgency, Vinnie brings out the big guns.
"I'll be there in a jiffy! I'm using my Fun Police powers to fly!"

"Aha! Landed in front of him! Stop in the name of the Fun Police!" shouts Vinnie.

The pugs safely contain the perpetrator.
Bison, however is not pleased that he was singled out!

Bison says "If I can't have any fun, than neither can Bruno!"

"I'll take care of this!" exclaims Gino.
"You stop that! No having fun with sticks!"

Boys and girls, the moral of today's story can be summarized rather easily:
Never underestimate the powers of the Fun Police!

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  1. That Vinnie flying picture just kills me every time!!! you MUST photoshop a little cape on him!!!


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