Sep 20, 2007

The theme for this weeks seems to be hiking.

With the weather cooling off (even the appearance of rain!),
the Mafia has decided to take full advantage of it.

"Move them hips, Ma!
Even I can move mine faster and mine are broken!"

The Pugs seem to be in Turbo Boost mode...

Bruno decides to go hunting for the perfect log
for Dad to throw into our destination...


Um...looks like the river is a little low!

"That's, ok!" says Gino. "We can still play!"

"I like walking on this funny ground!
Who would have thought that we'd be walking
where the river once was!"

"Yeah! This is some funny soil!" says Gino

The Mafia likes to leave a call signal behind...

which one of you bad asses smuggled in the beer?

"Dammit, Gino! I told you Ma would find out!" exclaims Vinnie.
"Run for it before she grounds us!"

Pugs on the loose!

"Wait! What's that over there?"
asks Vinnie as he applies his Pug Brakes...

"What are these?" asks Vinnie

Why, they're magical River Sunglasses!

"Ya, right!" says Vinnie.
"Magical my Pug butt! Only a dummy would believe that!"

"HEY!" shouts Gino
"If Ma says they're magical, then they are magical!
Now shut up and show Ma some respect!"

"Hey, Ma! You like my Mud Boots?"

And so ends the hike...
another trail added to our tally!

Um, Bruno..
I really was kidding when I said those glasses were magical!


  1. Yay!! Those are great pictures, and it looks like a super fun hike! Looks like the fun police let Bruno have too much fun...they weren't doing their job!!

  2. the pics look great!!! tell Bruno he's totally rockin' those shades :)


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