Jan 3, 2008

I'm on love...

How is it that when you fall in love you also end up poor?

I have managed to spend all of my Christmas loot on new lenses. Today I received a lens that everyone has been raving about--the EF f/1.8. And holy moly, am I falling hard for this lens!

Bruno thinks all my money should be spent on cookies and not dumb pieces of glass...
He totally refused to pose for me at all.

Those of you that know Bruno personally know that he has a GINORMOUS head. He is like 98.9% head and the rest skinny legs. I cannot take a picture of Bruno with this lens because his head won't fit in the frame! HA! I have to take gigantic steps backwards to fully frame him. He was all pissed his head didn't fit in the frame, so he refused to pose. Yeah, that's it...

"My head is perfectly sized, thank you very much!
Your camera is defective!
There's nothing wrong with my head!"

"Now he wishes he was a pinhead!"

"I don't call ya meathead for nothing!"

I have no idea what the hell f/1.8 means or what it does. Well, I kinda know what it does. The focus is on the subject and blurs most the background.

Ask me after February what this means. After I finish taking this photography class at the university, I'll hopefully be able to understand more of what to do.

Gino says the camera picked the
better looking Pug...hahaha!

And Letitia, just for you...

a classic "WTF?!" Maggie face.

I wish the lighting would have been better, but maybe this weekend I can take some better shots. And of Molly, too. As soon as she decides to grace me with her presence, I'll snap some of her, too.

As soon as Lisa finishes marrying her lens, I'm going to go ahead and send invitations to my wedding to this lens. Save the date! :p

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  1. I'm in love with that lens too! Great pictures! Darn...now I really want a slr. crap.


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