Jan 27, 2008

Burning The Candle At Three Ends

I spent today at a seminar co-hosted by 4 Paws University and Positively Trained. Nicole Wide was the speaker and the topic was "Helping The Fearful Dog."

Wow, my cell phones takes some
crappy pictures!

I have been a fan of Nicole ever since reading her book "Helping Your Fearful Dog."

This book became my bible during the period of Bruno's fear issues. Well, heck, who am I kidding? I should say Bruno's continuing fear issues.

Ironically, this morning as I was getting ready, Bruno emitted a very low, deep growl. I only hear this type of growl when he is trying to scare an object that he is deathly afraid of. It took me a while to figure out that he was growling at a feather.

Yup, you read that right, a feather. The feather had come from our down comforter and it was obvious to Bruno (and no one else) that the feather was an alien beacon. Really, only Bruno can see the danger in a feather that looks like this...

I didn't get the chance to help him over his fear, because immediately after I asked him to check it out, Vinnie came over and ate the feather. See, ya'll, it never is a dull day living with these knuckleheads.

Over dinner with Nicole the night before, I realized that I was not alone in the frustrations I have dealing with Bruno's neurosis. She laughed at the stories I had of Bruno but at the same time could empathize 100% how hard it is living with a dog who shifts on a daily basis what is considered scary.

"But you don't understand!
I am trying to protect you from

I was impressed and surprised that most of the attendees were not dog trainers but members of rescue organizations or shelter workers. It is awesome that this population came out to further educate themselves. Rescue and shelter workers mainly deal with fearful dogs and it is awesome that they attended the seminar to learn how to better read frightened canines.

However, now I am home and beyond exhausted. Bright and bushy tailed I must show up to my new job tomorrow and I really feel that I am going to drop dead from exhaustion at any second. Sometimes I wonder how much longer I can keep doing this.


  1. just have a baby....then you don't have to work anymore!! LOL!!

  2. Keep on truckin'. You came into dog training for a reason. You are extremely talented when it comes to making someone understand something rather complicated. Your analogies always hit home with me and I'm sure they do with your students. This talent must not go to waste...society needs you! Ha...no pressure, though :)
    You will find a way to make it work, you always do...I have faith! :)

  3. I love that Vinnie ate the feather! Ha! He was looking out for his big brother.


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