Jan 1, 2008

Nuovo Anno Felice!

What do you boys want to do this first day of the new year?

"I want to see a dam."

Did he just say he didn't give a damn?"

"Momma! Vinnie cussed!"

"I did not, you meathead!"

Silly Mafiosos! What Vinnie meant was that he wants to go run his little legs at Nimbus Dam. We rarely go there because of the numerous bikers and steep trails. But what the heck!

Let's go check it out!

Bruno decided he was going
to sport the bunny look...

And naturally the other two had to copy
his style...

Bunny ears on dogs are so in for 2008!
You just wait and see!

And this ladies and gentlemen is
why I love this man...

He goes to no end to help me set
up a shot!

And it was looking good...
(Yes, Gino did sit *that* far away from Bruno...ha!)

"What? He stinks real bad!"

But at least Vinnie received his New Year's Wish...
he indeed stretched his little Pug legs!

Bruno did too.
Although this wasn't his New Year's wish.

And his legs aren't so little.

But nonetheless, he still ran!

Notice the bunny ears... still in style,obviously.

But all that running quickly poops a big boy out.

And he needs quite a few pit stops along the way...

"I think my New Year's resolution
will be to increase my stamina! "

He truly is his Mother's son.
"Did my butt get bigger in 2008?
Honestly, you can tell me. I won't be mad. Did it?"

What did we agree to do in the New Year?

"Sorry, Ma!
We promise not to fight again!"

"But I can still kick his butt if Gino
makes fun of my tongue, right?"

"Ok! Ok! I promise!
No fighting at all!"

Bruno took a moment to gather this thoughts.
After thinking long and hard,
he decided his New Year's resoltuion
would be to stop picking up fallen trees.

"Ayyy! What's this?
A fallen limb!
Must resist...must resist!"

"Screw it!"

"Well that didn't last very long did it?"

Gino decides he can carry rocks
just like the Big Boys do...

Just like Bruno,
I have no clue why he does this...
but I do know this will stop as
quickly as it started!

"I taught him how to pick the best rocks!"

And so 2008 begins in our house as it always does...
with very tired dogs. :)

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  1. The pictures look great, you take really good action shots! Bobby told me you got your new cam...keep those mafioso shots coming. Have fun exploring your new toy :)


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