Jan 20, 2008

Baby Morgan

The Canine Mafia wanted to send out their respects and congratulations to Marianna.

Naturally, I was sent to be their spokesperson.

"OMG! I can't believe you
came to see me!" exclaims Morgan.

Morgan and I laughed...

And cried...

And ate...

And we posed...

But mainly, I admired her irresistible cuteness...

We also said hello to Miles...

And Daisy...

After, we left to meet up with Parker
at McKinley Park.

While there, we ran into a
good friend named Lucy.

Lucy's cuteness is almost borderline illegal!

We also saw Siren!

Siren's lucky--his Momma gives him baby food
when he returns from a recall.

Now it's back home and back to the regular bump and grind. It's been a fruitful weekend!


  1. Did seeing baby Morgan in real life make your uterus skip a beat?!?!!?!?? She's so amazingly cute, I'm not sure how you didn't run home to have one of your very own!!

  2. is that parker malone? I miss him!


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