Jan 2, 2008

The Results Are In!

And the award for the dog that missed me the most goes to....

Drum roll please!


He promptly set his little black butt on my luggage and firmly told me I was to never leave again. I get the message loud and clear!

I had a total brain fart and did not realize Frannie's Mom was coming home on New Year's Day. Not on the 2nd as I originally thought. I came home last night and oddly enough, even Blue missed me! Now that's saying something!

Nothing like home sweet home. :)


  1. now, that's the face of sadness! What a little stinker!!

    I'm sure you are more than ecstatic to be home once and for all....now it's time to smash the X-box.

  2. ahh Gino! Whatta cuttie! I'm sure Molly and Maggie missed their momma, too. No one loves them like mommy can. Ok--now I'm wanting some dosage of those cute huh? faces. You gotta post about them now....papapapalllleeeeaaassseee!

  3. uhm... you must have had food in your bag or something :)


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