Aug 30, 2008

Premade success!

Typing this is proving to be very difficult. I expect to wake up from a dream or a fantasy. I am in a trance because...


This is baby step in the battle I've been having with the cats in an effort to switch them to raw food. My ten-year-old ladies have been fighting me tooth and nail in giving up kibble. Blue is less picky. She will happily eat anything raw.

But today, I outsmarted them! Today, when the gobbled up their wet food sprinkled with ground up kibble, they had no clue that mixed in was a premade raw patty. HA! HA!

Before, they have snubbed any wet food mixed in with a premade raw patty. They would take one sniff and claim I was feeding them poison. They would turn up their little smooshed-in noses in utter disgust.

But thanks to a tip from a friend (I LOVE YOU COLLEEN!), the ground up kibble sprinkled on top did the trick! This time I will be more patient and take it at their pace. However long it takes, I will accommodate them until we achieve 100% raw. I'd like to eventually not use the premade patties and feed them fresh, raw meat with bones, but for now, I will take I can get!

When I tried to tell The Mafiosos the good news, they were less than excited. You see, whenever I have tried to convert the cats to raw, the dogs get to eat whatever the cats won't touch. Which has always been EVERYTHING. The Mafiosos were not happy that I did not use their services as cat food garbage disposals. :-)

"Boo! I wanted to eat CAT FOOD!"

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  1. Hmm, it seems your cats' forensics testing laboratory is lacking, if you were able to slip that one by them! ;-)


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