Aug 24, 2008

Bonkers is Bruno...

Today is Sunday. I am trying to tackle multiple household chores and every time I start one, I feel guilty for lack of blog material. I'd much rather be composing blog entries than doing our household budget or massive amounts of laundry.

So here is one to start the week off! At least the week can start off with a laugh. :-)


"Betcha can't swim with your
ears all wonky like I can!"

"Throw the ball!

"The ball is mine! ALL MINE!"

I tried to tell Bruno that this shot wasn't very flattering for his butt. It's bad enough he has a Freakishly Large Head (FLH) give his butt that same description would not help his image. Regardless, he still insisted I take this shot.

Please, please everyone pray that all cows in Fresno Country miraculously come out negative for Bovine Tuberculosis. This way, I can focus instead on taking lots of Canine Mafia pictures instead of coming home from work too butt tired to do anything. :-)

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  1. Is that the theme song to "Jaws" that I hear playing in the background?


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