Aug 29, 2008

We Apologize...

For the endless source of boredom this blog has become. I have a three day weekend (that started at promptly 5:01 PM for me!) and on my list of things to do is compose new blog entries!

Trust me, The Mafiosos are not happy with me either.

Besides work being extremely busy, it's also been in the high 100's F where we live. This means that The Canine Mafia, with their short snouts, don't last as long anywhere we attempt to go. But, alas! It's supposed to cool down this weekend and another Canine Mafioso outing is in the works!

"Meh. Wake me up when the temperatures are in the low 80's."

But I can do one more thing! I leave with you a WTF moment.

Seriously, WTF?!

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