Jul 16, 2008

Hot Dog Luau!

First off, let me start off by saying that the props used in this post are all Parker's Mom fault. I would have never bought these props had she not goaded and egged me to do so. It's also her fault that I spent money on this stuff with the intention to torture my dogs. There...I feel better blaming someone else. :-p

"Come on over, ya'll!
We're having a luau!"

"Come on down!
The drinks are flowing and the music is thumping!"

"You have to come dressed appropriately.
No exceptions!"

Bruno said he would try to look Mafioso even if he was wearing a conch-shell bra. I told him this look wouldn't fly while wearing said bra.

"Whatever. I still look like The Godfather.
And it's a BRO, not a bra. Get it straight."

Gino was all miffed at me because he wanted a bra, er, I mean bro, too.
But unfortunately, they don't make Pug-sized bros. But I'll keep looking!

"I wanted a bro, too! Where's my bro??"

"Seriously, someone call Animal Control.
She put me in this get up!"

"I'm serious.
I hope you're dialing right now."

"Quit yer bitching, Bruno!
We have to wear these leis, too!"

"Yeah, shaddup, you big baby!
You're not the only one suffering!"

Don't be fooled by Bruno! The Mafiosos received payment in massive amounts of cookies, so the price was well worth it for then to wear a this get up for five minutes!

"Oh yeah, we forgot about the cookies.
Never mind! Snap your pictures away!"

P.S. Make sure to check out The Mafiosos' most recent adventure with their cousins Bison and Lindsay! Visit Bison's blog to check out the adventure!


  1. Add me, you handsome fools! I love this Blogspot nonsense!

  2. I'm dialing, I'm dialing but it's hard with paws!

    You poor, poor fellas

  3. Bruno, you can blame it on me all you want, but I know it's just jealousy - jealousy over how much better I look in a hula skirt than you do



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