Jul 21, 2008

Park Musings

Today is an average day. Nothing special planned except a routine trip to the park. Nothing special about the activities of The Mafiosos.

Bruno did his usual of gathering large sticks.

Oh, wait, he did do one civic duty today. He decied to take down a large tree limb that he deemed a dangerous hazard to park dwellers. He didn't want this large limb falling down on anyone while walking through the park, so he took it upon himself to clear the area of this limb.

The Pugs did their usual: sat around and waited for me to recall them so that they can get a treat. Um, Pugs, it really doesn't work if you don't go more than one foot away from me. You have to be far away in order for me to call you. The game doesn't work that way!


"A Pug can still try!"

All in all, today was just your average day in the life and times of The Mafiosos. Until next time!

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