Jul 13, 2008

Four Paws

Sometimes, The Mafiosos drive me nuts. They really do. They wrestle non-stop and like to use me and the couch as a launching pad. No matter how many times I seem to say "Knock if off you knuckleheads!" they seem to continue their mêlée.

It is in times like this that I leave the house and escape The Mafiosos for a few hours. Yesterday, I took a trip down to 4 Paws University (where The Mafiosos claim they received their education) and decided to see if there were other dogs I could see myself living with.

This one is cute...

But this one is even cuter!

This one has gorgeous markings...

And she's a sweetie...

This one is always happy...

And this one is always ready to play...

This one has a face so soft it made me melt...

This one is so fluffy! A fluffynutter butt!

The fluffiness cannot be contained by the camera!

This one can be my pocket dog...

I can almost just scoop him up!

Freakin' Border Collies...always so focused!

Ha ha! Not always! I caught ya goofing off Rose!

This one I could smooch all day...

And this one, too...

This one I WANT!

But just a little too small on the size front,
so I think I'll keep looking...

Whoa! Okay, maybe not that big!

Hi Big Boy!

This one I want to come back as when I die...

"You would be so privileged," he says.

"I'll take what I can get!"

And we also saw some old friends, like Parker.
Parker couldn't be bothered to say hi to me, even
after I brought him a bone.

Megan was there also.
She was also not talking to me, but for a different reason.
She was upset that I didn't bring her boyfriend Vinnie.
Next time Megan, I promise!

After seeing all these dogs, I felt forlorn for my crew. I guess I'll stick to living with The Mafiosos for now, no matter how nuts they make me. :-)

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