Jul 20, 2008

Life Imitates Art

The Canine Mafia was bestowed with an exceptionally generous gift today. A good friend of the Canine Mafia, Alex, gave us a painting of the three knuckleheads. We proudly hang it above our fireplace to proclaim to all that we are indeed crazy dog people!

Alex has a tremendous gift for painting. We cannot get over the exquisite details this painting contains.

Vinnie's wrinkles and infamous tongue are replicated down to a science. Even the little grey in his chin is contained with exceptional detail.

Alex also did a tremendous job in capturing Gino's eyes. Gino thinks he has perfected hypnotizing you with his eyes and Alex captured this look perfectly.

Alex did the most amazing job at capturing Bruno's Freakishly Large Head (or FLH as Parker likes to call it). When we shared this painting with Parker, he proclaimed that Bruno's head is really bigger. Wait until your Momma gets a painting done of you Poo-Man! There won't be a canvas big enough to contain your pointy nose! :-p

The Canine Mafia sends Alex their utmost gratitude for such a beautiful gift!
Alex, your name has been written in The Books.

Alex is available for commissioned paintings if anyone is interested in having a portrait painted. He can be reached at alxjz@comcast.net.


  1. That is a very excellent portrait! It looks superb above your fireplace.

  2. Wow!! Alex did a fantastic job of capturing them. Looks fantabulous!!

  3. wonderful gift
    the last pic in front of fireplace
    is so great.


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