Jul 14, 2008

Mafioso Morning

Sundays I get to sleep in and not wake up so early. However, my version of sleeping in means not waking up until noon. This of course causes me much trouble as I manage to get nothing done and The Mafiosos get really pissed at me for cutting into their fun time.

I came up with a compromise...if I let them sleep in with me, they don't complain too much about what time I awake. They normally sleep in crates and I figured to be on the bed is a privilege no dog can complain about.

The bad part about this is that I usually wake up to a view of canine butts.

Not exactly the view I long for in the mornings...

"Oh hi! You're awake!
Could you please get our breakfast started?"

And I end up paying the price in the form of bruises, as the Pugs like to start the day with a wrestling match.

"Fine! If you're not going to fix breakfast,
then I'll just chow down on a fawn Pug leg."

Poor Bruno tries to curl up into the smallest shape possible in order to avoid any random Pug acts of violence. Quite a feat for his huge butt!

At least Bruno feels my pain. The Pugs usually manage to have their wrestling matches on top of Bruno. Anyone want to nominate Bruno for saint hood?

But alas, I gladly pay this price. After all, who could say no to The Mafiosos?


  1. Poor Bruno. That has to be the most mournful look I've ever seen on a dog that wasn't in the pound or at the vet's office ...

  2. Poor Bruno!

    Rocket sleeps on his own "bolster bed" on the floor. But when he's ready to rise n' shine you get half a vizsla drapped over you scrubbing your face.

  3. Wrestlemania is one of my favoritist games!!! Don't let your mom stop you. It's most fun when you wrestle on mom's head1

    Gabby and her crime in partner Flirt.

  4. Privilege indeed! Oooh, and hogging the bed to where momma and dad have no room is the BEST!


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