Apr 21, 2010

Presiding Pug

This week The Mafiosos are movin' on up.  Well they're  movin on up, to the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. They finally got a piece of the piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Oh, no wait!  It seems I have confused The Mafiosos with The Jeffersons.  Whoops! But they did move to the east side.  An east side facing room that is.  The Mafiosos, crates and all, moved into a larger room in our house.  The smaller bedroom they occupied (and which I shared with them as this room also doubled as my office) is now instead being converted into the nursery.

So far the transition is going well.  And by well I mean that everyone but Bruno still runs into the old room when it's time to kennel up and end up with befuddled looks on their faces when they realize the room is empty.  Hopefully the rest of them will catch on!

Now that the room is empty, we've been working on getting stuff prepped and the closet emptied. We worked this week on getting a dresser built.  And when I saw "we," I mean Ryan.   I help every now and them, but heck, I'm incubating this precious cargo! That's enough heavy work right there!  :)

It's a good thing I have an excellent supervisor I can trust to make sure Ryan's doing things by the book.

"Don't you worry, Ma.  
I got things under control.
He's got all the proper building permits.  
It's best to leave us men to do what we do best...

"Oh boy.  I don't think he knows what he's doing.
He needs to be reading those instructions!"

"I guess I better go over there and help him.
He looks a little perplexed."

"Lemme see those instructions. . ."

"Yup! That's it! 
 Put that little thingy into Tab A. . .
and then that other thing-a-ma-bob goes over into Tab B. . ."

"Hey, can I ask you something?
You know,  man to man. . .
I'll still be the baby around here, right?"

"Ok! The situation is under control!
We're gonna get this thing built!
Don't worry, Ma!"


  1. I must have missed the memo @ the precious cargo.... Congrats!
    And the furniture always does get put together somehow in time.

    Gen & the Foo

  2. Kudos to Ryan for appearing to keep his cool throughout the building process. . . I always lose it. But there again, I don't have a Gino to supervise my every move. . . .

  3. How sweet!!!

    You have such a gift!! I just love reading your blog :)


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