May 19, 2010

Technical Difficulties!

I did something to my computer and I have no idea what it is.  I just know I did something to it.  How do I know this? Because ALL OF MY PICTURES FILES ARE MISSING!!  And now that ya'll know that I did something, I would appreciate it if you could let me know what I did.   Because once I know what I did, I will never do it again.  It will avoid last week's fiasco of missing a post. 

If I ever have a repeat of whatever I did to my computer and my pictures go missing again, you'll see a post like this:

The main thing that's bugging me is WHAT DID I DO??  Honestly, I didn't fiddle with files or delete anything.

"Maybe you spilled some water on it?" asks Vinnie.

No! I know I didn't!

"I dunno what to tell you then!"

"Did you drop a rock on it?" asks Bruno.

No! Why the hell would I do that?!  The only thing I can think of is perhaps one of the cats walked across the keyboard and accidentally deleted my picture folder.  I swear, if that's not the answer, then there's only one thing left for me to do . . .

"I bite your face off technology!!

1 comment:

  1. Poor thing!!! I can't even begin to imagine what you might have hit. I hope you are able to figure it out.

    Good Luck

    Jess & Lilo


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