Jul 24, 2011

A Lesson in Toughness & Stereotypes

Oh yeah, baby, I got me a new computer.  This means faster picture processing and faster blog uploading. I'm in heaven.  I'm currently in the process of divorcing my husband and marrying my new Mac.  Why didn't ya'll nag me to get a new computer sooner?

You know what I really hate about people? When they make assumptions about my dogs. For example, the #1 question I get about Bruno when a stranger sees us is "Is he vicious?"

I always answer, "No. It's the little ones you have to be careful about.  They'll get your right in your jugular if you bend over to pet them." 

Of course none of that is true.

And then Gino has to go and show just how tough and vicious he is. . .

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! I won't stop until I taste blood!"

I think you mean "taste sap."

"Yeah, that's right! 
I'm swinging on this big ol' log!"

Actually, it's more like a twig, but I'm not about to burst your dream lil guy.


Ok, ok, if you say so.

"Bruno, are you watching?
This is how you swing from a log!"

I don't think he's watching nor does he care.

"Well he should! 
He needs to witness my viciousness!"

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