Feb 9, 2008

But I'm with the band!

Today was nice and sunny, so decided to take my camera to dog training.

Parker, not recognizing me with my camera , demanded I stop dead in my tracks. He promptly informed me only employees were allowed beyond this point.

After I cleared my credentials with Parker, I went outside to help Lisa with her class. Only she didn't really need much help since the class was small today. So instead, I snapped shots of her students.

Trigger was not very pleased about my camera. In fact, I think if you stare at this picture long enough, you might be able to see his lips moving. I think he gave me instructions on where exactly I can stick my camera!

"Basically, up your butt and 'round the corner, Lady."

Frankie was more concerned that the camera might steal his soul.

"My soul!! Give it back!!"

Rizzo was all about relaxing and enjoying the sunny day. Now here's a dog that had the right plan for today!

And then there's Quacky.

Bet you didn't know we train ducks also! Haha!

Actually, Lisa took her class on a field trip to the duck pond and I wanted to see if I could take some good shots of the male ducks.

The ducks were more the willing to pose for me.

This is Jerry. Jerry is very serious.

He has a very serious job to do. In a few months, he's going to take his test to qualify as a guide dog for the blind.

"I have a serious purpose in life."

He's not here to mess around. I love Jerry.

This is Sarge.

"Oh, hello!"

Sarge is not so serious. He's actually a goof ball.

And then there's Cora...

"Yes, I know...hard to believe,
but I really am this beautiful!"

Cora won the genetic lottery for good looks. She is soft, cuddly and damn near irresistible.

But don't let her good looks fool you! She can be a good ball, also!

Speaking of goof balls...

Bruno was feeling extra spicy today!

And I found out that sometimes, he's not so graceful...


He was also NOT in a sharing mood!

"Touch my Frisbee and I guarantee that your little
black head will be rolling down the sidewalk."

Sensing that Bruno was not the mood to play, Gino sought Vinnie for some play time.

But Vinnie did not want to play either!

Every time Gino approached him, Vinnie ran away as fast as he could. Maybe Gino forgot to put on deodorant this morning?

At one point, Vinnie resorted to flying in order to get away from Gino!

Alright folks! There's a recap of my day. Surrounded by dogs and more dogs. I now know what the old adage "It's a dog's day" means. :)

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