Feb 17, 2008

It's all about meeeeeeee!!

I woke up this morning in a foul mood. I had one of those dreams where you are mad about something and you end up waking upset.

Here, let me paint a picture for you so you can see the mood I woke up in:

The Pugs didn't help my mood. A fight erupted this morning after Vinnie informed Gino that Gino was adopted.



(Yes, Gino has been lifting weights. He's developed quite the muscular body!)

After I broke that up, I tried having a cup of coffee to improve my mood. Then, I looked at Bruno.

Bruno was all smiles today.

He kept trying to convince me that a play session with him would make me feel better. I said "No." He pouted.


I still said "No."

And then he did something that had me laughing for hours on end. He created his own little game.

I watched him place his orange ball underneath the Pugs' cot.

Then, he acted as if he had no clue as to how his orange ball managed to get underneath the cot.

"Huh? How'd you manage to get underneath there?"

"Can I get you out of there from up here?"

"I'll get you out!"

"Don't worry orange ball! I"ll save you!"

Aha! Success!

"So this is what they mean when they say
I'm like a bull in a china shop..."


He did this five more times before he grew bored of his own little game. I have to hand it to him for being creative!

Watching him construct his own little silly game improved my mood. So we played our own game of tug. The day is much better now. :)

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