Nov 5, 2010

Allow Me To Introduce Myself (Part 3)

Last but not least, we now view Gino's opinion on this baby situation. Since he's a Pug of few words, his opinion is succinct.  His choice of word to describe the baby?


What's not to love?  The baby's face is a constant source of food!  This miniature human constantly had dried milk on his face.  And who else would be better suited to provide a spit-shine job free of charge?

"Alright kid, buckle up. 
Your face is gonna shine like a diamond when I'm done!"

I don't think the baby quite enjoys Gino's attempts at keeping his face sparkling clean. But who am I to tell Gino he can't continue to help?

"That's right! I'm the best helper you'll ever have!"

And speaking of Pugs, I am afraid to inform you readers that Vinnie's influence on the baby has finished uploading.    I now have a kid AND a Pug who constantly stick their tongues out.  Sigh.


  1. So adorable!! Good job on the spit shine Gino :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus


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