Nov 18, 2010


When I was pregnant, the number one piece of unsolicited advice I would always get was "Your life's going to change."  Well, obviously.

It has changed in terms of adding new skills to my life's resume.  Such as the ability to change a diaper one-handed.  And the ability to function on little to no sleep. 

"Speak for yourself.  
Baby or no baby, 
I still manage to squeeze in my beauty sleep."

The one thing I believe people expected to change was the attention I would be able to give to The Mafiosos.  It would in their minds either decrease significantly or diminish completely.  Granted, raising a baby is a lot of hard work.  But that doesn't mean things have to change for the worse.  Things can change for the better.

Such as hiking.  We incorporate the baby in our hikes with The Mafiosos.  Yes, it's a lot harder to hike with a baby, but guess what? It's also more rewarding.  

Well, I guess that depends on who you ask.

You just had to bring 'It' didn't you?" says Bruno.

I have no caption for this photo because I am laughing too hard. 
This is Bruno's "LA LA LA! THERE'S NO BABY! WHAT BABY?" face.  
I encourage you to submit your own caption for this photo.

Just because there's an addition to our house doesn't mean the fun diminishes.  It instead increases exponentially.

"Ok, ok.  I'll admit that 'It' hasn't been too bad 
on this hike."

"And I have been finding tons of large sticks to haul around.
I guess 'It' can continue to hike with us."

And I still find the time to torture The Mafiosos during our hikes.  Nothing's changed on that front!

 "OMG, seriously?
This is your idea of a prop?
A freaking stump?"

Just take your stupid shot and get it over with.
At least you're not making me pose with the stupid boys."

You spoke too soon, Carmela!

So see, nothing really changed.  It's just adjusted.


  1. In just a few months they will find an endless source of food within easy reach of any dog walking around.

  2. I (Nina) wanted to say thank-you! A lot of my friends are having babies and are telling me that my love for my pups will diminish if not disintegrate completely due to baby. It has turned me off from wanting a baby but seeing that you are managing both loves pretty well and succeeding gives me hope that I too can balance both loves so Thank-you!

  3. I too want to commend you on showing that life with pets doesn't have to end when a baby joins the family! One of the top excuses for "re-homing" a pet or surrendering it to a shelter is..."We just had a baby" or "we are going to have a baby". Most of these people seem to think that thier one cat or dog is going to be a burden so they get rid of it. And here you are with 4 dogs and 2 cats able to manage just fine! Ya I know there is probebly chaos occationally but you seem to be able to work with it. Cudos to you!!

  4. I'm so glad you still regard your fur-family as important!


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