May 4, 2008

Hula Hooping The Day Away

The weather is absurdly pleasant lately. The Mafiosos decided that a romp at the school yard was definitely on the agenda today.

When we got there, Vinnie took off flying again.

"Up, up and away!"

Damn that flying Pug. I'm going to have to attach anchors to him pretty soon.

Bruno ran around frantically looking for any dodge balls that the children sometime leave behind.

"Balls! Balls!! WHERE ARE THEY?!?"

Little did he know that Ryan already scooped up all the dodge balls and threw them behind the fence. Poor Bruno had no balls to play with. :-(

But, wait! Who needs dodge balls when you have a hula hoop?!

"This will do!"

Hula hoops are fun for the humans too. They provide endless laughs as The Mafiosos erupt in millions of face contortions in chase after the hula hoop.

"Must. Get. Hula. Hoop."

It's also a barrel of laughs to watch Bruno fail miserably at chomping into the hula hoop!


But once you land a nice chomp into the hula hoop, a fun time is had by all!

But you must know that every hula hoop comes with a Black Pug as a wing man. The Black Pug's job is to herd you should you stray far from the course...

"To the right! Move your huge butt to the right!"

And to also provide morale boosts in the form of cheers...

"Awesome catch, Meathead!"

But be warned that if you move too slow, the Black Pug will not say nice things!

"#$&*^! Move faster next time!"

Before we knew it, it was time to go home. Bruno threw a hissy fit when we told him it was time to leave the hula hoop.


" I don't wanna leave my hula hoop!"

"But perhaps we can strike a deal for some cookies..."

Bruno gives the hula hoop two dew claws up for entertainment value, durability and overall joy. Get yours today!


  1. Leave it to Bruno to make a toy out of a hula hoop. The party travels with him :)

  2. Wow, your schoolyard is so much fun. Mom takes me but all we ever find are food wrappers to get into.


  3. Awesome photos, I love your commentary.


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