May 18, 2008

You can fry an egg....

It is blazing hot today. Poor Vinnie's tongue has been out non-stop today. Vinnie's tongue is our barometer for the heat. The longer it gets, the hotter it is outside.

The Mafiosos generally do not let the heat interfere with their planned activities. In fact, they sometimes adjust their activities to let the heat work for them. Gino tried working on his tan.

Only to later shout...

It's too farcking hot out here!"

There's only one cure for heat like this: The River!

Even though it was over 100 degrees when we were out there, we were a little hesitant to just jump right in the water. Bruno called us chickens and jumped right in...and stood right back up!


No, really, the water was that cold. Gino says that real dogs don't even feel how cold the water is. So this confirms his theory of Bruno being a big huge wimp.


Vinnie used his tongue, a.k.a. baormeter, confirm that the water was indeed really cold.

"Yup, this water approximately 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit."

Despite Vinnie's temperature prediction, Gino still believed that Bruno is a wimp for not swimming in ice cold water. He keeps rubbing in Bruno's face by swimming in front of him while shouting "Sissy! Big headed sissy!!"

Finally, Bruno could take no more teasing from Gino. He took the plunge and submerged himself in the waters.

Once Bruno acclimated to the cold water, he wasted no time doing his usual...clearing the river of huge logs. It isn't a trip to the river until Bruno finds the largest log and brings it back to shore.

Gino said that most of you will probably be impressed by the size of that log. But he wants you to know that anyone can grab a log like that. Really, it's no big deal!

See, even he can do it!

I tried to talk to Gino about calling his brother a sissy and a wimp. I explained that calling his big brother names is not very nice.

He said he was sorry.

"I'm sorry. Wait, no, I'm not. I'm too cute for you to stay mad at."

Dammit, I hate it when he's right. :-)

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