May 3, 2008

Scaled Enemies

Anchovy has been working really hard all month on landscaping his domain.

He's been moving rocks, reshuffling the sand and, much to Ryan's dismay, knocking off the water heater. I guess he believes a better place for the heater is not where Ryan keeps putting it!

Lately, Bruno has been feeling some negative energy coming from Anchovy.

"I sense you dislike me."

Anchovy gets extremely upset whenever Bruno approaches the tank. Anchovy flares up and issues a silent challenge to Bruno: move your big head or lose it.

This upsets Bruno greatly. Why does everyone make fun of his big head?

"Mama, can I eat him for dinner? Please?
He said he would eat my humongous head!"

"Momma, why does everyone say I have a freakishly large head?'

Because you do, Bruno. You just do.

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