Apr 14, 2009

Big Britches

Carmela decided I didn't have enough my plate this week and went into heat. I wasn't sure if she'd been spayed when I found her (I was pretty much betting on the fact that she wasn't given the condition I found her in), so today she confirmed my suspicions.

I've never dealt with a female dog in heat. I am clueless. And thankfully, so are two of my boys (who are neutered by the way!). But there's one certain boy in particular who just cannot stay away from Carmela while she bats her eyelashes and sashes her little butt around.

::cough::: GINO :::cough:::

While he may have his twig, his berries are long gone (thankfully!). But still, that doesn't stop him obsessing over Carmela. So these two are being kept separate! VERY separate!

Clueless as to what to do, I at least know that Carmela needs some sort of doggy panties to help catch the small amount of blood she leaks. I drove over to my locally owned pet store and was ecstatic to find doggy pants on clearance for $1.99.

"Do these pants make my butt look big?"

"Huh? So do they? Come on! You can he honest!"

"Say one thing about my butt looking big
in these pants and kiss your face goodbye."

"Why won't Bruno look at me?
It's my pants huh?
They scare him. Big $%^#@ baby!"

"So seriously...I have to wear these for how long?"

She will be spayed very, very, very soon. As soon as my vet gives the clearance, them parts are coming out!

So readers, I ask for your advice. Besides keeping Carmela under my eagle eye watch and all times and never leaving her unattended, what else should I be on the look out for?


  1. Male dogs which haven't been neutered ;o)))))))


  2. LMAO...

    Yes, I can only imagine the gentlemen callers she's been inviting over to the house this past week. Silly me was clueless as to why she'd want to pee every 2 feet on our walks. Now I know why! She was leaving her calling card!

    NO BOYS ALLOWED! Are you listening Carmela? ;-)

  3. Lloyd Dogler out front holding up a boombox playing "In Your Eyes" (although by the time that happens it will be too late).

  4. Those are some S&M looking doggy pants, Carmela! Or should I say Mistress Carmela!

  5. I'm sorry I've no advise. I've got to go get something to wipe the coffee off my computer screen after seeing the pic with Carmela and Bruno.

    I wished I'd LMAO but I looked back and ass is still there!

  6. what a riot! i love how bruno refuses to look at her:)

  7. Tell Bruno that you are getting him some matching leathers!!!

    Tell Gino to keep his twig in the ground!!!

    Tell Vinnie to get a clue!!!

    Tell Carmela to keep it in her pants, the hussy!!!

  8. I knew someone who had a similar situation. One of the male dogs around her was what I called "lovesick" for the first few days (hardly ate or slept, and cried and tried to follow her everywhere). It was weird. I think you are doing what you can. I also noticed the female dog can feel threatened when a male dog won't leave her alone during heat, so I'd watch for signs that she feels uncomfortable with Gino. Also, sometimes the female acted frisky, haha. So, it was all really random, but diapers were kept on and separation of the pooches was exercised for their comfort! (The male dog seemed to calm down when the female was not in his sight). Good luck.

  9. We had the same problem with our 8 year old chihuahua, the vet couldn't tell if there was a surgical scar because of her size. Needless to say, we got her spayed as soon as it was safe! As long as all your boys are fixed, you're in good shape, but be careful, because they can still, um, play, even if nothing results from it, and given the size differences... might be better to keep her a little physically isolated, just in case. Also, be SUPER careful during walks. Unaltered male dogs will come from far and wide if they smell a female in heat, and things can get aggressive fast. Her little pants are pretty cute, but she (and you) will be much happier after the spay when you don't have to go through this ever again!

  10. I didn't know doggy diapers came in black leather. umm...cute(?)?

    I love Carmela's big doe-y eyes. :)


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