Apr 30, 2009

Falling Falls


"I know that smell!"

Get your freakishly large head
out the window, now!" shouts Vinnie.

"What?" asks Bruno.
"Is there something cool on the ground?"

"No!" exclaims Vinnie.
"Can't you smell it?!"

"Smell what?" asks Bruno.
"The CACA!" replies Vinnie.

"Oh yeah!" says Bruno.
"Now that you mention it, I do smell something!
It does smell like caca! It smells like..."

"Cow Caca!"

Cow caca!"

"I think you should abandon this blog," suggests Carmela.
"Start a new one that's all about me.
Seriously, all the boys do is talk about caca."

"Uhhh...she's kidding right, Ma?"

"No. No I'm not."

"You're not going to listen to her,
right Ma?"

No, I'm not starting a new blog all about Carmela. There isn't a blog big enough in cyberspace to contain her ego. Now that that's settled, let's share today's hike to Beale Falls.

"Woot! Let's get this hike started!"

"There's caca over there,
I just know it!" shares Vinnie.

So by now you've all probably figured out that Vinnie is obsessed with caca. The larger the animal, the better. Had I known that the Beale Falls trail also borders cow farming land, I might have changed my mind about going there. But luckily for Vinnie, I did not know this fact and he managed to, how do I put this delicately, take advantage of this fact when I wasn't looking.

My nose is always green!
You just never noticed before!"

The end goal of Beale Falls is a beautiful waterfall. But getting there is no easy task. Luckily, the scenery along this hike is gorgeous. There is land as far as the eye can see....

(yes, I've probably have been visiting Perez Hilton waaaay to much this past week!)

Or, you could just be a tiny dog and everywhere you go is expansive. Hehehe...

"Very funny.
Don't quit your day job."

"Size doesn't matter!
Anything those stupid boys can do,
I can't do better!"

Because climbing rocks is hard?"

Ok, you two, enough bickering. Let's get back to the hike. We're almost to the part where we share with the readers how we finally found the waterfall.


"We made it!"

It was worth the sweat, tears and mulptile spills I took to finally see this waterfall.

"Vinnie wants to know if there's
cow caca down there?"



  1. Beautiful scenery... the way you 3 interact kind of makes me want a sibling or two -hmmm, well, maybe I should give that some more thought. Carmela - you rock girl! You should definitely demand your own blog! Woof, Tank

  2. I feel your pain when it comes to the Caca. Cooper and Holly love it. When we take them to the polo barn and they disappear on us, they can always be found in the HUGE manure pile. I just wish they could put it together that that is the reason for extra baths on barn days. :)

  3. Cow caca is a delicacy for dogs - I feel with you, I know the problem!


  4. hello dogfathers its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummm that luks like a nice hike but i dont understand why yoo had to wawk so far wen the kaka was rite at the beginning of the trail??? ok bye

  5. Haha! This post makes me sooo thankful Red is not a caca conisseure! lol

    Oh, and Vinnie looks good in everything he wears, even if that means cow poo! Bahaha! ;)


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