Apr 7, 2009

It's Getting Hot In Here!

"So take off all your fur!"

"I am so hot,
I'm wanna take my fur off!"

What The Mafiosos Were Doing One Year Ago: Pugs Are Crunch and Taste Good With Ketchup


  1. I love her leg warmers! Kisses on that beautiful forehead...mmmwaaaah!

  2. ooh! naked cat! i'm going to suggest that my Mama gives my brother and sister cats a furcut, too. then i can point and laugh!

  3. Cats always look so funny when they are first shaved.
    I read the "Pugs are crunchy" blog too, and I must say your Amer. Bulldog is beautiful (well, all of your animals are, but especially him!) Great blog!


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