Nov 3, 2009

Bruno + Ball

As requested, this month begins all Bruno, all the time. At least until the end of the month. :)

"I'm bored. There's nothing to do."

"I already destuffed the toy
I was given earlier. . ."

"I wish there was something
fun to play with around here."

Um, Bruno...sometimes what we seek is right in front of us.

"Oooooh! Well lookie here!
What's this?"

"My favorite ball!"

"What? It was not right in front of me
that entire time! No way I could have
missed seeing my favorite ball!"

"I do all sorts of cool thing with my ball.
I try to wrap my jowls around it.
But for some reason, I can only seem
to get one jowl around it."

"But if I really focus,
I can get both jowls around it."

"Sometimes, when Carmela calls me mean names,
I take it out on my ball.
I get all mad at it..."

"And I bite down on it...HARD!"

"Don't worry!
I don't ever hurt the ball!"

"I've got little rice teefies that don't
do much damage.

"See, nothing but little rice teefie marks!
The ball is still intact!"

"But the best part about my ball
is the fact that is makes an awesome
extra skin holder!"

"Seriously? You all wanted an entire
month of this??" asks Carmela.


Out of this blog, missy! In fact, out of this blog for the ENTIRE MONTH! The voters have decided they wanted Bruno, so quit inserting yourself into the storyline. I apologize; I promise that all forthcoming blogs are 100% guaranteed to be Carmela-free. Even if it means I have to go out and buy a can of Raid.


  1. Ahhahahahahahah -- Raid -- indeed! Bruno is most excellent - Jowls and all!

  2. Don't worry Bruno, I have rice teefies too!! The momma thought that was pretty funny!!! Tell Carmela to stay out of your blog. You won fair and square!!!


  3. Good question, Carmela.
    But Bruno owns this month.
    So be cute and calm girl.

  4. LOL, Raid. Bruno is quite the character, such a typical man, hehehe. I think Spuds needs one of those 'extra skin holders.'

  5. Well I voted for you Carmela, but Bruno won fair and square! And such a great post it is too!

  6. Those are some great pics of you Bruno.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus


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