Nov 10, 2009

Slide Right Into It

A new week begins. I suppose for the optimists out there, this is good news. But for me, it just means that the weekend is still too far away.

It means a crazy work week filled with demanding vets and obnoxious horse owners. It means riding the bus for a 1.5 hour commute each way. It means less time to spend in the daylight now that the time has changed. It means. . .

"It means things are looking up!" says Bruno.

Say what?

"Look up!" explains Bruno.

Ok. I did. There's nothing there!

"Yes there is! There's opportunity!
Look, if life is a slippery slide. . ."

"Jump right in and enjoy the ride!"


Oh Lord. . . are you trying to give me a pep talk Bruno?

"Yes! I can see you'll be a hard sell,
but it's nothing I can't handle.
Here's some more advice for you. . ."

"Build a bridge and get over it!"

Ok, now that one totally made me laugh. Silly boy.

"Then my job here is done!
Now, go out there and
spread some smiles!"


  1. Oh.My.Gosh. Love the slide picture. "Whheeeeee!!!"

  2. That is so cool...Bruno the motivational speaker!

    See, there is a purpose for his FLH ;)

  3. Thanks Bruno! We're too afraid to slide.


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