Nov 5, 2009

They Call Him Bruno

Bruno has many nicknames. Most notably, his primary nickname in the blogging world is "FLH" which stands for Freakishly Large Head. It's the most apparent thing about him-- this huge head. Lord knows where he got it from, but it's here and it's here to stay.

See, I even have photographic proof that he was born with a normal-sized head. Somewhere he must have drank water laced with FLH hormones.

At home, he has much kinder nicknames bestowed to him by me.

Sometimes, because I think I'm funny, I'll call him "Burno." I use this nickname whenever he gets a hair up his ass and starts burning rubber in the yard. Get it? Burn + O = Burno? Which sounds a lot like Bruno. . . I know, I know: don't quite my day job.

My secret nickname for him (er, well, it was until I shared it with ya'll) is "Big Daddy." I affectionally call him this a lot. I'll ask "Where's my Big Daddy?" just to hear his humongous tail whacking away against the walls or nearby coffee table. When I call him this, I elicit rapid fire tail wagging and I live for that.

So I thought I'd share a recent picture of me and my Big Daddy. With his FLH in full glory. And, if you happen to decide I also have a FLH, please, don't tell me! :-)


  1. Don'tworryboutit -- his head is bigger than yours! Bruno is a beautiful pup!

  2. Well, it's probably better to have a big head than a pinhead...

    Anyways, Bruno is one beeeautiful guy! We think his head is definitely proportionate to his gigantic chest and shoulders!

  3. ♪♫ They call him Bruno, Bruno, Bruno, Freakishly Large Head, no head you see, is larger than he ... ♪♫

  4. What a great picture of you and Bruno...the baby puppy picture of him is adorable.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. can't believe he was that small.
    I love both small and huge version.


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