Dec 16, 2009

Chihuahua Confessions

Carmela has a confession she is prepared to make. Apparently, she is obsessed with shoes. Completely, utterly obsessed. She can 't stop buying them! She can't walk by a store without going inside to see if there are any cute pairs in her size. Just last week, I bought . . .

Um, I mean, *SHE* bought four new pairs. She has to be stopped. So the first step is for her to admit there's a problem.

"I don't have a problem!
The only problem I see is
not enough closet space!"

"You really can't blame me for buying these.
They are completely delicious!
I had to get them."

These totally call out to
my wild, animal side!"

"And every gal needs a pair of
bedroom stripper shoes for her man."

WAIT, WHAT?! You have a man?

"Don't ask questions you aren't
prepared for.
Here, let me distract you."

"I also own lots of fabulous flats!"

"Yeah, these here would be
your tasteless shoes.
I don't wear stuff like this.
I'm a lady."

"Seriously. I didn't buy these."

"I'm more into girly shoes."

"Here's my newest pair!"



  1. Carmela,

    We too have a shoe thing, except we like to eat them!

    You look fab in all your shoes, we're thinking you should wear a strand of pearls with the black open toe ones. Oh and the ones you think are tasteless... well ummm... we're kinda into those! hehehe

    Nellie & Calvert

  2. loooove you Carmela and you're sure look good. i'm a shoe lover ( not freak, do you mind..Bol ) and i have lots of flats too

    actually , it's my mumster that has a problem but it's ok for me to take the rap


  3. Greetings Canine Mafiosa

    Our names are Dinah, Bridget and Elliot and we are most honoured to meet you. We humbly request that our 2 families can be friends.

    There, now the formalities are over with - how much to get rid of our Mother?

    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

    ps, we have just discovered your blog and LOVE it!


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