Dec 1, 2009

Turkey Recovery

Over here at Casa De Mafioso, we're recovering from too much turkey, pie, stuffing and mashed potatoes. I was pretty much recovered by the next day (what? did ya'll use Black Friday shopping as your cardio like I did?), but Bruno seems to need some extra time.

turkey recovery

How about ya'll? Did you recover or are you heeding Bruno's advice to take the week to fully recover?


  1. I would love to take a week to recover!

    Black Friday *was* cardio!
    Still eating turkey though, we had a frickin' 21 pounder!

    Post Thanksgiving hugs to you and hubs, and scritches and smooshes to the mafiosos!

    aka kidandgreymom

  2. Ahhh, makes us wanna snuggle up with Bruno.

    Lot's of kisses,
    Stella & Gunther

  3. My feet are so cold right now, this picture makes me want to stick my feet right under that heaping pile of cozy!


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