Dec 8, 2009

Popcorn Pups: Part I

I dragged Ryan to watch "New Moon" with me this past weekend. He said the best part of the movie was the bucket of popcorn.

Naturally, the huge bucket was refilled before leaving the theater and then it hit me. . . how nuts would The Mafiosos go for some popcorn?

"Depends," answer the Pugs.
"Did you get butter on it?"

Why yes I did!

"THEN BRING IT ON!" exclaims Vinnie.

Vinnie has a few popcorn catching moves that he's perfected throughout the years. He starts off by standing up on his back legs. . .

This gives him the best view for maximum popcorn landing distance calculations. I'm sure he has a few algorithms he runs through his head before choosing the exact angle at which to stand on.



Poor Gino doesn't really understand this game. He's used to me giving him things out of my hand.

"Ok, how does this thing work?" asks Gino.

Well, the rules are simple. I throw a popcorn and you get it.

Ok, staring at it with your huge bug eyes isn't going to help. You actually have to move towards it. And try opening your mouth this time.

"Like this?"

Yes. . . kind of! Watch the popcorn carefully in the air . . .

"Like this?"

"And then open your mouth real wide,
like this!" instructs Vinnie.

"Like this?"

Kind of. . . lose the bug eyes though! They freak me out!

"Ok. How about like this?!"

Yeah! Now we're talking! Now try jumping like Vinnie does...that seems to help!

"Like this?!"

Um...yeah, like that. But we're not reenacting the rapture over here. Just go with your natural movements.

"That's a sweet move!" shouts Vinnie.
"I'm so stealing this new move!"

"Rapture Pug!"

"This new move kicks ass!"

"Lemme try his bug-eyed move
and see how that works!"


Try coordinating your moves next time Pugs! This will help you avoid collisions!


Alrighty there . . . I think it's time we cut you off from the popcorn. You're getting just a tad bit psycho there!

"NO! Don't cut me off!"
Just one more! Please!"


To Be Continued . . .


  1. Once again, you caused mascara to run and howls that can be heard down the hall of the office. . . .those BUG EYES and reinventing rapture !!!!! I CANNOT WAIT for Part 2. . . .

  2. Some great action photos!

    pugs & kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  3. Oh...Thank you
    I'm laughing so baddddd.

  4. Those are definitely some great shots.

    I seriously have never seen pug ears out of their normal positions before!

  5. BAAAHH! Those are awesome pictures!! Thanks for making mom laugh so hard.

    Stella & Gunther

  6. Did Bruno and Carmela get any? or did the pugs hog it all?

  7. I seriously couldnt stop laughing the whole time i was reading this. And it doesnt help that i picture the pugs with "mafioso" voices, haha!

  8. I think I just died from laughing so hard!! Hahaha!


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