Aug 4, 2009

Chihuahua Complaints

It's been really hot here lately.

In an effort to not run up our air conditioning bill, I've been drawing down the window shades and running fans instead of turning the air conditioner on. When it's under a hundred degrees, the house seems to stay cool enough to not warrant turning the air conditioner on.

But I have a feeling a certain little dog disagrees...

"I'm dead...the heat has...
Lord! I'm coming home to you!"

Fine, fine. I'll turn the air conditioning on. Yeesh!

"Did it work??
Yep, she's hitting the 'on' switch!

P.S. Thank you for my get well wishes! I'm back in action. :-)


  1. I think she's being a little dramatic- chihuahuas are, after all, desert dogs. :) Mine love to cook themselves like baby capons in little patches of sun coming through the windows.

  2. Carmela, you go girl!


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