Aug 11, 2009

St. Bruno

Poor Bruno. I really should start the application for his Sainthood.

He puts up with these tiny dogs with the patience of a saint. Lately, Carmela's been doing drive-by attacks on his FLH. She will run full speed towards him while he's laying on the floor. At the last second, she'll stand up using her back legs and use her front paws to slap his face.

Bruno is very confused by her actions. For starters, he doesn't even see her coming. She's like this fawn little blur, operating at turbo boost mode. Then, Bruno's unsure of what to make of her actions. Is she playing? Is she giving him a death threat?


Additionally, his poor jowls have been paying the price for no reason. They must taste like chicken.

No American Bulldogs were hurt in this photo.
Only one black Pug by a woman with a camera...

So readers, I'll let you decide. How many cookies should Bruno earn for putting up with this crap? ;-)


  1. He needs lots of cookies...lots and lots of cookies :-) Great pictures, especially the slap!
    Pug hugs and kisses!
    The Pug Posse

  2. Bruno, you deserve many, many, many cookies!

  3. He get all of the cookies for enduring all of that!!! Love the pics. =)

  4. Bruno you deseve some freakishly LARGE cookies! Several of them!

  5. Bruno should get the whole bag-o-cookies!!!

    Bobo and Meja

  6. The whole box! You scared me with the St. Bruno title...glad he is still here with us although mistreated by his siblings...

  7. Bruno should get three times the number of cookies the little dogs get, he does tolerate sassy behavior with dignity.


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