Aug 31, 2009

FLH Prologe

The previous blog entry has a story to be told. You see, Bruno finally decided he had enough and took a stand. It was a great day indeed.

It all started with the request for some constructive critcisim.

"Hey Gino," says Bruno.
"If I scrunch my face up like this,
does it make my freakishly large heard look smaller?"

"Um, lemme look at it from this angle
in the light," offers Gino.

"Yeah, I'm going to have to say no.
In fact, it looks bigger.
Like you've started taking head steroids or something."

I'm just going to bury my freakishly large head
and never hold it high again!"

"I can still see your freakishly large head, stupid.
No amount of dirt can cover that thing," says Gino.

"Oh, and you're also ugly.
And your breath stinks.
And your momma wears combat boots."

"Don't talk about my momma!
I'll eat you alive Pug!" threatens Bruno.


"AHHHHH! I take it back!
I just realized we have the same momma!!" screams Gino.

"Good! Now, take back what you
said about my head!" shouts Bruno.

"No! Hell no!" screams Gino.
"I can't take back the truth!"

"Yes, YOU WILL!" shouts Bruno.

"No, I WON'T! screams Gino.
"Don't make me call my back up!

"Do we have a
problem here Bruno?" asks Vinnie.

", not at all.
I'll just be on my way," replies Bruno.

"HA HA!" teases Gino.
"Don't mess with me, FLH!
My and my back up will take you down!"

"You just wait, Gino." threatens Bruno.
"I'll wait until your alone and then..."

And lo and behold, his threat came true...


  1. AAAAiiiiiiEEEEE! help me! Sounds like a serious discussion :)

  2. I had no idea Vinnie was such a bruiser! He's like Adam Baldwin in "My Bodyguard" or something ...

  3. Just what we like, lots of action and clever dialogue.

    Misty the alpha Poodle

  4. Never start something you can't finish!!! It always comes backto bite us in the butt. Or in this case ear =)


  5. Bruno just keep saying 'I will not be scared, I will not be scared, I will not be scared.'

    Except of Carmela then be very scared!

    Bobo and Meja

  6. Thank you for post this.
    Pug gang attack!!!
    Poor Brono


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