Sep 3, 2009

War In The Morning


Carmela! WAKE UP!

We're waiting for you to get up so we can start eating breakfast.

"Alright, alright!
I'm up. Jesus, it's bright in here!"

"Why do we always have to wait for her
in order to start breakfast?
It makes me sad to be so hungry!"

"Yeah, seriously.
I'm starving!" shouts Vinnie.

"Because, fart knockers," explains Carmela.
"The rule is: ladies first."

"'re a lady?!" asks Gino.

"Lemme clean my ear out...
I could've sworn I heard you wrong.
I could've sworn you said I wasn't a lady!" accuses Carmela.

"Yup. That's what I kind of said," replies Gino.

"THIS IS WAR!" declares Carmela.

"War?" asks Gino.
"More like a light massage.
You barely pack a punch!"

(notice a very worried fawn Pug in background)

"For breakfast, I want

"Apologize or I'll go straight
for your jugular!" threatens Carmela.

"Apologize!" screams Vinnie.
"She's stressing me out!"


  1. It's so hard on the bystanders when there's discord amongst the roomies ...

  2. Bruno of course sat patiently in the kitchen waiting to be fed while the little ones fought it out?!

  3. But of course! Would Bruno be doing anything else?? ;-D I just realized this blog has a significant lack of Bruno exposure! I feel bad. I think it's time Bruno had several enteries dedicated to him. What do ya'll think?

  4. And to think I was sad about being an only pug!!! Thanks for that waske up call =) I'll stay an only child if it means I get to eat when I want and not get beat up for complaining!!!!


    PeeSee: Try not to hurt them to badly Carmela

  5. Hahhaaaa, Gino is getting cuter by the minute! I love the 'it makes me sad to be so hungry' pic.

  6. Carmela must not be a morning chiwawa!

  7. I love your morning war.


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