Sep 29, 2009

Safety First!

Today at the school yard, The Mafiosos couldn't stop congregating over something in the grass. This typically means a dead animal, so I quickly ran over to see what all the fuss was about. As I got closer, I realized that a stench was absent. That immediately ruled out my idea of a dead animal. So what in good heavens could be amusing The Mafiosos so intently?

Ahh...a dog collar! I picked it up thinking "Sweet! Second hand goods! I wonder which dog this will fit," only to realize upon closer inspection that the collar was broken. It was one of those quick-release type collars and it had broken apart in the quick-release area. I can only imagine the panic the dog owner felt when that collar broke.

So I just wanted to take a minute to be a worry-wort. Take a minute today to inspect your dog's collar(s) and make sure they are in working order. While you're there, also take a minute to take a look at your dog's tags. Are they still legible? Have they worn down from all the swaying? Perhaps it's time to get a new one with updated information?

I'm giving you an excuse to get out there and shop. ;-)

Carmela would like to add that if you're going to get a new collar, make sure it's one that has lots of attitude. She's just sayin'...


  1. another tip:
    If you walk your dog on his collar (not on a harness), consider putting two collars on him, both with a tag. That way, if the collar breaks or he pulls out of it, he still has some ID!

  2. awww Carmela, we could be related somewhat.....a long lost cousin or even sibling

    come check me out

  3. Carmela has the best collar ever!

  4. I'm not going to argue with her! Looking good Carmela...

  5. I go overboard with this stuff I think. My dogs are all microchipped (it's all current), they have their rabies tag, home ID tag, registration tag and get this -- they are registered in three cities (my mom's town since we visit there, my brother's town and my hood). They always have our hood's registration and I add the additional registration as needed. Also, if you travel with your dogs, it's wise to keep copies of their vaccines in your glove box. :)

  6. Rockin' collar Carmela!! Momma puts my tags on a zipper pull so that when she changes my collars or harnesss, she can just unclip the tags from one and easily move to the other! =)


  7. I recently replaced Daisys, I noticed just what you described Worn down tags, couldn't read the numbers anymore! I also put both home and cell phone numbers on the tags.


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