Sep 8, 2009

School's Out For Suuuummmmmerrrrr!

We're fortunate to live near a school yard and summer break is still in progress. This means we can take The Mafiosos out to romp in the large fields more often. Which means I see more ridiculous Mafioso spats.

"What the heck are those two
knuckleheads running towards?" asks Carmela.

"Hey, buttface!" screams Gino.
"Slow your freakishly large head down!
What the hell got into you??"

I SEE A..."


"My ball! My beautiful ball!
It's all mine!"

"MA! Bruno took off and found a ball,
which he then popped!
And then he...oh.
You already knew? Darn.
Alright, I'll find something else to tattle on him about!

1 comment:

  1. Gino, the momma says that it's not nice to tattle and that she doesn't need my helping keeping an eye on thing. I of course don't believe her!! It's good to see a fellow pug out there keeping an eye on things!! Even if we're not always appreciated for =)



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