Sep 22, 2009

Search...And Rescue?

I want to thank all of you for your comments and for taking the time to introduce yourselves! It was great reading all of your comments and getting a glimpse of our reader's lives. It is such a trip knowing we have readers from all over the world! We thank you all for letting us know who you are. :-)

Alrighty, well, this week we set out to take out The Mafiosos on an outing to the river since the weather was particularly warm. It works out quite nicely when there is a large body of water nearby to cool down for hot dogs.

Usually, there's not much activity out on the river. We don't usually encounter much excitement. We do sometimes draw a crowd when walking all four dogs. People inevitably make comments ranging from the size of the dogs to the breeds. It's expected and we're used to it...

Only this time, no one made any comments. No one even glimpsed our way. I felt that was a tad bit odd since usually there is one person who will make a comment. It wasn't until I heard the helicopter that I figured out there was excitement down on the river...

It was hovering very well close to use. I could feel the pulsating chop of the propeller.

After some probing, I was able to find out a 9-1-1 call had been made reporting a body seen floating in the river. That explained the search boat that kept making it's way up and down the section of the river we frequent.

Later on in the day, it was reported that no body had been found and the search was called off. I had a stern talk with The Mafiosos about returning to the scene of a crime and they've all agreed to tighten the ropes on the rules.


  1. Remember, you guys, it's two pounds of cement for every one pound of body weight!

  2. BOL!!! You're right, they really should be more careful about returning to the scene. And who's job was it to weight the body??? They obviously didn't do a very good job if somebody saw it and calle 911.

    They'll do better next time I'm sure =)



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