Aug 6, 2009

Family Portraits

Since the heat won't let up, I decided to play with my camera indoors and see if I could snag a group portrait of The Canine Mafia.

But you see, what I end up planning in my head never quite ends up executing the way I imagine it. In this case, Bruno decided he wanted no part of posing for a group portrait. No matter what I tried to lure him with, he wasn't having it. I think he was secretly afraid that the little pipsqueaks would make his FLH look even bigger.

Nonetheless, his refusal to cooperate didn't deter me. I'll work with what I got...

Only the next problem to arise is that I'm now working with two Pugs who share half a brain and one diva-like Chihuahua.

"Carmela's going to blow a gasket when she
sees you taking pictures without her in them!"

I might as well have set out to take blooper shots. Because that was all I was shooting.

Carmela decided she knew exactly why we weren't getting good shots and told me to let her handle it.

"Goddamn stupid Pug!
Stick your farking tongue back in your mouth!
You're ruining all of our shots!"

Damn...I guess she was right!


  1. susan/cookiemonsterAugust 6, 2009 at 5:28 AM

    hilarious! sorry that bruno decided to not partipate:)

  2. lol
    great final pose even if its missing big ole Bruno :]

  3. I love the tongue-out wacky photo! You always crack me up.

  4. Somebody has to take artistic control ... it might as well be Carmela.

  5. Hahaha! Carmela kills me! She is turning out to be quite the photographer's assistant :)

  6. Hahahaha, i also love the whacky one. You shouldve warned me, im using the library computer and trying to muffle my laugh!

  7. Typical Italian woman! LOL! Great pictures, all of them!


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