Dec 30, 2007

Behind These Blue Eyes

Are you tired of Frannie pictures yet?

I'll be returning home on Wednesday, so this will be the last series on Frannie for a while. Sorry to all of the fans of The Mafisos who have been shafted from their fixings of Mafiso shots.

Actually, I'll be returning home tonight for dinner, so I'll snap some pics of the crew then in order to satisfy the demands of the Mafioso fans. I am getting extremely homesick now. And, I hope you're sitting down!, I miss the daily mundane musings of living in a house with another person! I desperately want to do a load of laundry or mop some floors.

I do also miss having snuggle bug dogs. Frannie likes her space and gets uncomfortable if I try to snuggle with her. I need my furry dog heaters back! Nothing like a Pug on each foot to warm up your toes in no time!

You stay on your side of the condo
and I'll stay on my side?

One thing I will miss about living here is Seana's lap top and wireless connection. Oh man, talk about spoiled! I'm sure Ryan will so not be happy if I decide to copy the same set up. I can just imagine him fainting at the thought me having internet access anywhere in the house! He's already pitched a fit about my IM'ing and emailing on my phone, so I can only imagine how he'll feel about being 100% wireless!

Ha ha! Maybe I'll bring it up to just to see the reaction on his face...I know, I'm evil!

Alright, I better get ready to go see my men!


  1. You would love the wireless setup at home! Actually, Bobby enjoys it because he can surf the web on the couch now. Quite nice! Ryan might surprise you and like the idea :)

  2. well, sounds like Ryan gets to KICK YOU OUT OF YOUR OWN HOUSE FOR FREAKING X-BOX WHENEVER HE I say wireless is pretty much a done deal....


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