Dec 18, 2007

How to kiss the girls and make them smile...

My Ma's been pretty tired lately. She says she has to learn lots of new things at her new job and she comes homes pretty beat. Today, she was in a really bad mood because there was a nasty pile up on the freeway coming home. It took her over an hour and fifteen minutes to get home.

I know just the thing to cheer her up...Pug kisses!

At first, she played hard to get.
Said my breath smelled like ostrich necks.

Duh! She should know! It's what I had for dinner!

She's really into this playing hard to get thing!

I told her to just relax and give in to the kisses.
My kisses melt all the stress away...

See! There's no better therapy than Pug kisses!

Good. My work here is done..Ma's smiling again!

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